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Massage and Exercise: A Big Picture Approach


Quality of life, ironing out muscular imbalances, etc., read on... 


We’ve already talked about how remedial massage treatments can help maintain flexibility and mobility. Did you know exercise can help build on this effect?


We often think of exercise as something that builds muscle tension. This is actually true – using a muscle frequently increases its resting level of contraction, so that it’s “primed” to fire when you need to use it again. Like so many things in life, this can have pros and cons. It’s great to have muscles that are ready to go, but when these muscles get used too much – either through exercise or through postural stress – they can prevent other muscles from working as well as they need to. This tension imbalance prevents optimal function by decreasing the amount of contract that can occur in other muscles, essentially weakening and shutting them down somewhat, and can lead to long-term joint wear and tear.

In a previous post, we talked about how massage helps maintain physical mobility and flexibility. This is the first step in re-creating balance in the body – your remedial massage or myotherapy treatment can quickly decrease excessive tension in muscles. In addition to increasing mobility and flexibility, that also gives your body an opportunity to start using the muscles that have been in “shut down” mode. Reactivating and getting these muscles moving again is the next step in reaching a new, pain-free, optimal state of muscle tension, and an appropriate exercise program is the best way to do this.

That doesn’t mean you need to jump right into heavy weights or triathlon training though. Low intensity movements that take the joints and muscles through big ranges of motion are one of the best ways to reactivate these muscles. You’ll make progress in rebalancing your muscle tension even more quickly if you can consciously activate the weakest muscles and add some low level resistance to the movement (something like resistance bands or light weights). Eventually, your muscles will best benefit from a full-body program that includes forward, backward, and sideways movements, as this will keep all  of your muscles involved and active, helping to prevent excessive tension build-up in any one place.


So, what’s the take home message? No exercise, or only the same sorts of exercise or movements over and over, will contribute to excessive tension building in some muscles and weakening others, creating imbalance. Exercises that incorporate lots of different types of movement will help balance out the tension and physical stresses caused by every day life, meaning that you’ll feel better between treatments – though it doesn’t mean that you won’t need remedial treatment ever again! You will continue to build more tension in some areas, and weaken in others, thanks to our daily activities (computers, anyone?) and a hands-on treatment will always be the most efficient way to keep that tension in check.


Written By, Erin Haske (Exercise Physiologist, Expert Remedial Therapist & Taringa Practice Manager)

Images By: Pinterest & The News-Press 



Immunity boosters & tips you just shouldn’t live without!

Winter is on it’s way (I’d say Winter is coming, but that’s practically copyright thanks to GOT….) So! We thought we could share some of the tips, tricks and health ideas that some of the team at NMK use for their own benefit to keep them a step ahead.

We’d love to hear yours, so post it in the comments below!

  1. Colloidal Silver. I’ve used it in Ionic form, for conjunctivitis, ear infections, open wounds and sore throats.
  2. Microbiome - I had no idea about what this word was/meant, until 2 years ago. Great book, ‘10% Human’ by Allana Collen to get some wonderful insights on understanding your microbiome, and what it does for you (or more accurately, how it IS you.)
  3. Gummies. Yep, gelatin.
    These are FAST to make and set in the fridge, and your favourite fruit or liquid can now be amazing for your gut health, as well. My daughter’s favourite is blueberry, and mine is mango or strawberries and coconut cream.Gummies
  4. Gelatin, again. Need to rebuild your gut health?
    1. Bone broths are a wonderful, warming way to introduce gelatin and a whole host of fabulous minerals into your system.
    2. We like to use organic meats and bones in our house, so simmering them over low heat for many hours brings out the minerals and nutrients that help to rebuild your gut. 
  5. Essential Oils:
    1. How I use mine – I put drops into a diffuser at home, I put them onto the pillows and sheets of my kids before bed, and I use them when I clean, so that I’m not ingesting chemicals or exposing my kids to hormone disrupting smells.
    2. Peppermint oils helped my pregnancy headaches SO much.
    3. I’ve just begun experimenting with using them in my foods – choc chic peppermint ‘ice-cream’ with frozen bananas, cacao powder, and a drop of peppermint essential oil is our favourite – we gently blend through cacao nibs after it’s blitzed in the food processor. Yummo. Fast, tasty, and my daughter maintains that my ice cream is better than the ones at the shop – probably because she knows that she can have that if she eats all of her dinner and the other one is once in a blue moon!
  6. Leave the skin on:
    A great time saving exchange for the small increase in cost, is leaving the skin on my organic veggies. The skin (and the small particles of dirt on the skin) of your organic veggies, is SO good for you. Leave it on, save time and enjoy the vitamins and minerals that you’ll get along the way.
  7. Coconut Oil Pulling:
    My dentist got me onto this. It’s a great way to help your gums and oral health, is to swirl coconut oil around your mouth. Pull it all through your teeth and swish it all around. Coconut oil has many anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties, so it’s a wonderful choice to help prevent gum disease, and improve your health.
  8. Tumeric, Ginger and Garlic:
    Anti inflammatory properties, galour. There is a great time saving recipe in Sarah Wilson’s book ‘Simplicious’ called ‘Good For Your Guts, Garlic’ about how she ferments her garlic and it’s kinder on your gut and easier to digest. I also finds it backs off the strength of the garlic (which is a bit of a shame for me because I LOVE it powerful, but makes my husband do a happy dance) and we have it ‘ready to go’ in a huge jar in the fridge, which cuts down prep time for meals.
  9. Diatomaceous Earth: 
    1. This has so many uses. I use it in the garden to keep unwanted pests off my veggies, I drink it in smoothies, or water, and it’s great for the chickens in the chicken coop to cope with pests! I feed it to our animals to help with other measures for intestinal worms. My daughter requests it every now and then, which is great because it reminds me! I use a tablespoon of DE, mixed with a tablespoon of honey and she eats it to help with intestinal worms. There is a food grade diatomaceous earth, and one that you can use in the gardens, so if you are planning on eating it, get the food grade one. If you want to give it a crack try it here
    2. My hot tip – if you use it to dust your kids hair in it to kill nits, then make sure you don’t get it in their eyes, or they will NOT LIKE YOU. Mixed with coconut oil would be a better suggestion…
  10. Bentonite Clay:
    I use this on march fly bites, mozzie bites, ant bites and wasp/bee stings. It takes the sting out within 2 seconds of application. Even my Mum was a sceptic and she’s now converted. I also drink it – it apparently has electrically charged particles that grab the bad stuff from your body, and help you eliminate it from your system. I drink this in water, mixed with a plastic spoon (you have to keep it away from metal to maximise the particle charge benefits), and tell me you don’t feel a change after 2 days!


Remember, this is by no means advice, just some things that we personally use and our experiences. As always, speak to a qualified person if you’re interested in trying anything!

Written By: Kelly Townsend (Director)


Are You A Weekend Warrior?

We all know that person, the weekend warrior who’s tied to a desk all week then over the weekend they erupt in an explosion of energy and activity that usually sees them energised, and often sore, on the Monday. 

As you all know, there are many ways people reach their health goals, some cycle, some run, some do Crossfit, others do Yoga. Weekend Warriors have a tendency to consolidate their prescribed training periods and cram them into two days, but is this so bad?

A recent study from the University of Sydney studies the exercise patterns of 63,000 people and concluded that Weekend Warriors, “have a significantly lower risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease”, even though they didn’t meet the physical activity guidelines. The research has also found little difference in health outcomes between the weekend warriors and those who exercise regularly throughout the week. It seems anything is better than nothing, but what is the downside?

Berliner (2011) highlights the downside to the weekend warrior mentality, he tells us that weekend warriors are susceptible to overuse injury because they reserve little time to maintain their muscle strength and flexibility throughout the week. This often results in trigger point activation and muscles with active trigger points always result in a weakness of muscles and therefore a reduction in the full range of motion of the body leading to strains and overuse injuries.

This is where we come into play. Massage therapists can treat trigger points with direct pressure on the trigger points themselves, holding for 30 to 45 seconds while the tissues release. This release will help to bring the muscle back to normality and get you moving normal again. All of our Remedial Therapists at No More Knots are trained to release trigger points, so if you’re one of those weekend warriors types, drop by and see us so you can get back to moving how a weekend warrior should.

Image by: Riverlife

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