Haru – Senior Remedial Therapist – (ALL HEALTH FUNDS APPROVED)

Emma Murdoch

Haru, originally from Japan, is a skilled masseuse with over 4 years experience. Although she only graduated in February 2020 with a diploma in remedial massage, she has spent years practicing massage techniques alongside many professionals and teachers of physiotherapy, myotherapy and acupuncture, giving her a well-rounded knowledge of many fields within the massage world. Haru specialises in trigger point massage, cupping, deep tissue, shiatsu, reflexology and excels in neck and shoulder massages.
Haru sparked an interest in massage therapy in her early years, giving vouchers to her parents for free massages to cure them of their long days and back pains.
With a passion for relieving others of their stresses, aches and pains, Haru is dedicated to treating her patients with all the specialised care required for each individual to gain the satisfaction they want from their massage.