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Get A Morning Massage!

Is a morning massage crazy? Maybe. But there are many great benefits and one awesome offer when getting a morning massage.

Firstly, it’ll boost your energy levels. Before you grab that cup of coffee, consider some additional ways to get that morning boost. Remedial massage isn’t just for rehabilitation and maintenance. Stretching out and loosening those tight muscles allows you to start the day right and gives you the boost in energy that your body craves. When you wake up in the morning, stiffness saps your body of energy that it so desperately craves.

Exercise in the morning has been shown to boost your energy, but let’s face it, exercise in the morning while it sounds great, it’s pretty difficult to stick to. But massage on the other hand is a great alternative for starting the day off right. Here at No More Knots we’re open as early as 7am many days of the week so you can get in before work to start your day off on a high!

AM Massage

Massage for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a concern that plagues many people. Some blame core instability and weakness others put it down to degeneration but what does the academic literature say and what does it say about the effects of remedial massage on treating the problem?

The International Journal of Neuroscience evaluated the effects of massage therapy versus relaxation for chronic low back pain. They wanted to find out if remedial massage was effective in reducing pain, depression, anxiety and stress hormones, as well as sleeplessness and for improving trunk range of motion associated with chronic low back pain.
The trial took twenty-four adults (12 women) with lower back pain. They were randomly assigned to a massage therapy or a progressive muscle relaxation group. The Sessions were 30 minutes long twice a week for five weeks, then on the first and last day of the 5-week study participants completed questionnaires, provided a urine sample and were assessed for range of motion.
By the end of the study, the massage therapy group, as compared to the relaxation group, reported experiencing less pain, depression, anxiety and improved sleep. They also showed improved trunk and pain flexion performance, and their serotonin and dopamine levels were higher, thus highlighting the positive effects of massage therapy in reducing pain, stress hormones and symptoms associated with chronic low back pain.

Preyde (2001), performed a similar trial on 107 subjects. He concluded that the massage therapy group had improved function, less intense pain and a decrease in the quality of pain. Additionally, he found that at 1-month follow-up 63% of subjects in the comprehensive massage therapy group reported no pain as compared with 27% of the soft-tissue manipulation group, 14% of the remedial exercise group and 0% of the sham laser therapy group.

It’s obvious that patients with subacute low-back pain are shown to benefit from massage therapy, so why put up with it any longer? See your remedial massage therapist today at one of our No More Knots clinics!

1. Maria Hernandez-reif, Tiffany Field, Josh Krasnegor, and Hillary Theakston International Journal of Neuroscience. Vol. 106 , Iss. 3-4, 2001

2. Michele Preyde, CMAJ.  Vol. 162  no. 13  1815-1820, 2001


Are you thinking about starting to run, or getting back into running after a long break?

Running can be a bit daunting and as we’re coming into the cooler months everyone is starting to get back into it, or thinking about taking the plunge into the world of running. You might even be considering setting yourself new goals to achieve in 2017. Training could already be underway and your muscles are getting more conditioned to pace and distance. How are they feeling? Tight or sore? It might be time to book in your remedial massage to help you work towards your goals.

There are lots of options when it comes to finding a club to run with, online training programs or even advice from friends or family on how to get started. It makes it easier when you have a plan set out for you which includes how long to run and when because we’re all susceptible to burn out or injury. In each program you’ll have your easy and hard weeks- working on increasing your distance or increasing speed. Just as important as running days it will also include rest days or active recovery days. Are you new to this and not sure when to stretch, or when would be the best time to get a massage? We’re here to help you with finding that out.

Whether it’s couch to 5kms or couch to 21kms these plans can help space your training. But do they include how to stretch and look after you body in this time? If you’re starting from the ‘couch’ then you may find this blog particularly valuable. The tension can start to build up in your muscles in the early weeks of your program. Getting a massage before they’re too sore makes sure your motivation doesn’t waiver. Something that remedial massage can also help you with is biomechanic issues (the way you run or move) before you get too far into your program.

Let’s have a talk about the when and why for massage. You’ll be in the hands of a professional who will take into consideration your training load, your previous injuries and other aspects of your lifestyle as well. So their advice is tailored to your needs. An appointment a couple of weeks into the program can look into your biomechanics and body, getting you off on the right foot. Following on from that, and depending on your goal, weekly or fortnightly massage is a nice time frame to follow up. Here are just a few of the benefits of regular massage for runners:

1. Reduced muscle fatigue and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

2. Increased circulation and recovery

3. Increased flexibility

4. Feeling re-energized and well rested

For your last massage before race day, think about getting it 3-5 days beforehand. Like exercise, your body needs to recover and relax after a massage. In those days you can stay well hydrated, stretch and do some light exercise. By the time your race comes around, you’ll be feeling well rested and ready to smash those goals.

Is there something more I can do at home?

Your recovery and self-care doesn’t stop with your therapist. There are things that you can do at home which can help you further. These are preformed in conjunction with massage to improve results

1.       Foam rolling- particularly your hamstrings, Vastus Lateralis, quadriceps and calves

Image by Dr Levent Efe
Image by Dr Levent Efe 

2.       Tennis ball trigger points- great for specific work for your glutes. Added bonus is rolling under your feet for your plantar                     fascia.

3.       Stretches as per your therapist’s advice.

4.       Warm up and warm down before and after each training session.

If you're committed to working towards your goal, keeping your body moving and pain free is an excellent way to do that.Written By, Sarah McCallum

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